Salon Furniture

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Salon Mirrors
All of our salon mirrors are hand made in Chicago. The new Forty Five Mirror series from Veeco Salon Furniture + Design are available in both cold rolled steel and stainless. Call 1._800._635._3772 for questions or visit our Chicago showroom Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. If you are outside of the Chicagoland area we can put you in touch with one of our many national distributors for purchase.

  • Salon Mirror - FF-3265-CR-09

  • Salon Mirror - SP-2418-09-WL

  • Salon Mirror - SP-2418-09-WD

  • Salon Mirror - CL-HMS

Styling Stations
All of our salon styling stations are made in Chicago and represent over 68 years of hand made quality. The new styling stations from Veeco Salon Furniture + Design feature various price points and options and introduce LED lighting to the modern hair salon station. Veeco Salon Furniture + Design Styling Stations mix and match Cold Rolled Steel in colorful powdercoat finishes. Some stations feature #4 Stainless Steel, others are more traditional Laminate style wood. Call 1._800._635._3772 for questions or visit our Chicago showroom Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. If you are outside of the Chicagoland area we can put you in touch with one of our many national distributors for purchase.

  • Makeup Station - RD-MU-SS-4360

  •  Styling Stations

  • Makeup Station - RD-MU-CR-4360

  • Styling Station - FF-3265-SS-05

  • Styling Station - FF-3265-CR-05

  • Styling Station - FF-3265-SS-20

  • Styling Station - FF-3265-CR-20

  • Styling Station - VN-7721

  • Styling Station - VN-7725

  • Styling Station - EL-05

  • Styling Station  - EL-20

  • Styling Station - PC-4836-20-SS

Salon Carts
Salon Carts from Veeco Salon Furniture + Design are not your typical inexpensive plastic salon trolley. Our Salon Carts represent the very best in both quality and design. Fully functional salon carts from Veeco Salon Furniture and Design aren't just a cart, but mobile styling stations. Complete with tool holders and stainless steel or solid surface tops.

  • Salon Cart - CC-1836-08

  • Salon Cart - CC-1843-08

  • Salon Cart - CC-1846-SU-08

  • Salon Cart - SP-2418-08

  • Salon Cart - SP-2418-WH-08

  • Salon Cart - SP-SH-2418-WH-08

  • Salon Cart - FF-1822-08

Styling Chairs
Veeco Salon Furniture + Design is proud to offer the new 100% American made ITO styling chair. Developed, prototyped and manufactured in Chicago; our newest chair brings true American Craftsmanship in an upscale, modern styling chair. Choose from our wide variety of styling chairs for your salon or cosmetology school. Each styling chair carries a full five year warranty on the hydraulic pump.

  • Styling Chair - ITO-1701-IM

  • Styling Chair - AR-A046-B

  • Styling Chair - AR-A046-D

  • Styling Chair - SI-001

  • Styling Chair - AR-2104B-B

  • Styling Chair - AR-2104B-D

  • Styling Chair - AR-D002-B

  • Styling Chair - AR-D002-D

  • Styling Chair - AR-706-B

  • Styling Chair - AR-706-D

  • Styling Chair - PH-5301-B

  • Styling Chair - PH-5301-D

  • Styling Chair - SS-701-B

  • Styling Chair - SS-701-D

  • Styling Chair - SI-01

  • Styling Chair - AR-HC-01-B

  • Styling Chair - AR-HC-01-D

  • Styling Chair - ST-9701-B

  • Styling Chair - ST-9701-D

  • Styling Chair - AR-2109B-B

  • Styling Chair - AR-2109B-D

  • Styling Chair - AR-1000

All-Purpose Chairs
Veeco Salon Furniture + Design offers a variety of All-Purpose Salon styling chairs for your hair salon or cosmetology school. Each styling chair carries a full five year warranty on the hydraulic pump. Feel Free to call us at 1._800._635._3772 for more information.

  • All Purpose Chair - PH-5302-B

  • All Purpose Chair - PH-5302-D

  • All Purpose Chair - SS-702-B

  • All Purpose Chair - SS-702-D

  • All Purpose Chair - ST-9702-B

  • All Purpose Chair - ST-9702-D

Barber Chairs
Veeco Salon Furniture + Design offers a full selection of Collins Barber Chairs. Don't forget that Veeco Designers are here to help you with the design and layout of your new or existing men's salon or barber shop.

  • Barber Chair - AR-116630B

  • Barber Chair - AR-C002

  • Barber Chair - PR-6106

  • Barber Chair - PR-6108

  • Barber Chair - PR-6389

  • Barber Chair - SP-508S

  • Barber Chair - AR-182

  • Barber Furniture - DCB-SS

  • Barber Furniture - DCB-SS-STEP

Shampoo Bowls
Veeco Salon Furniture + Design caries a full line of various shampoo bowl options for todays salon owner. Shampoo Bowl choices include white and black cultured marble, heavy duty porcelain bowls and articulating shampoo bowls.

  • Shampoo Bowl - AR-4000

  • Shampoo Bowl - AR-4000-SFVB

  • Shampoo Bowl - 3000-AR-550

  • Shampoo Bowl - 1000BW-SFVB

  • Shampoo Bowl - AR-550

  • Shampoo Bowl - SC-27

  • Shampoo Bowl - SC-27-SS

  • Shampoo Bowl - SC-37

  • Shampoo Bowl - SC-37-SS

  • Shampoo Bowl - PC-9207-3000-AR-550

  • Shampoo Bowl - PC-9207-AR-4000

  • Shampoo Bowl - AR-D002-07

  • Shampoo Bowl - AR-18162

Shampoo Chairs
The salon shampoo is most definitely the most relaxing part of any salon experience. Make sure you client's comfort is assured by selecting the proper shampoo chair and placing your shampoo bowl at the correct height for maximum comfort.

  • Shampoo Chair - SS-703

  • Shampoo Chair - ST-9703

  • Shampoo Chair - PH-5303

  • Shampoo Chair  - AR-2148B

Color Area / Dispensary
Don't hide your color bar, show it off! Put color out on the floor to drive more sales in your salon. Our Color Bars come with plenty of color storage solutions, generous storage space, stainless steel or Solid Surface sinks and counter tops are available. Our commercial grade cabinetry is built in any standard Formica or Wilsonart finish. Customized configurations are available. Call a Veeco Salon Designer for more details.

  • Color Area / Dispensary - CB-72

  • Salon Color Processors

  • Color Area / Dispensary - DSC-2436

Pedicure Spa Chair
Veeco Salon Furniture and Design offers a complete line of Pedicure Spa Chairs and accessories. Veeco distributes the full product line of both Continuum and World Pedi Spa. We also manufacture in-line bench and step style pedicure units with and without jetting kits.

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - NEW-PD-400-STEP

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Echo

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Echo Plus

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Maestro

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Vantage

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Vantage Plus

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Simplicity

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Simplicity Plus

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Pedicute

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Cleo

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Cleo GX

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Cleo LX

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Toepia GX

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Petra RMX

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - Petra 900

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - PD-400-DWR

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - PD-400-WP

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - WPS-1

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - WPS-2

  • Pedicure Spa Chair - AR-G009

Manicure Tables
The manicure area of your salon provides the perfect opportunity to indulge your clients with a relaxing, professional service. Create a salon ambiance of calm and tranquility by designing this area carefully and choosing the right manicure table, salon tables,client chairs and operator chairs. Choose from manicure tables built with glass, laminate, steel or a fantastic combination of all three.

  • Manicure Table - VN-7718

  • Manicure Table - PH-5318

  • Manicure Table - CP-8818

  • Manicure Table - CL-18

Salon Retail Displays
The ever emerging retail display trend in the salon environment may be one of the most import aspects to a profitable salon. Creating a retail store environment within your salon or school drives extra sales to your bottom line. The most successful salons in the nation deliver a purposeful approach to retail driven sales.

  • Salon Retail Display - AV-17

  • Salon Retail Display - Cl-17-20

Salon Reception Furniture
Make a great first impression. Starting with the salon reception desk, your beauty salon or cosmetology school's reception area is the first thing a client sees when they enter your facility. We highly recommend customizing your reception desk and reception seating to set the tone. Our design specialists have created Salon reception furniture for thousands of salons and spas.

  • Salon Reception Furniture - SL-BC-27

  • Salon Reception Furniture - ML-9916

  • Salon Reception Furniture - B-629M

  • Salon Reception Furniture - B-7509

  • Salon Reception Furniture - ACB-R

  • Salon Reception Furniture - CS-4829-26

  • Salon Reception Furniture - CS-4842-26

  • Salon Reception Furniture - CS-7242-26

  • Salon Reception Furniture - CL-16

Dryer and Dryer Chairs
Did you know that Veeco began as C&W and made their first hair dryer in 1927? Veeco's dryers come with or without wheels and be combined with any of our dryer chairs, as well as being ordered in our combination units to fit any salon space.

  • Salon Hair Dryer - 880

  • Salon Hair Dryer - 880-L

  • Dryer Chair - AR-D002-00-880

  • Dryer Chair - LDC-002

  • Dryer Chair - LDC-003

  • Dryer Chair - AR-Z-009-880

  • Dryer Chair - PH-5300-880

  • Dryer Chair - SS-7200-880

  • Dryer Chair - ST-9700-880

Salon Task Chairs
We provide Task Chairs perfect for any Salon or Reception setting. Our task chairs come in different ergonomic styles, sure to fit your decor. These chairs are cushioned, have adjustable heights and are moveable on casters.

  • Salon Task Chair - AS-115

  • Salon Task Chair - B-305

  • Salon Task Chair - B-6216

  • Advantage Task Stool  - AR-14805-A

  • Salon Task Chair - AS-115-TWR

  • Salon Task Stool - B-1691-CS

  • Salon Task Chair - B-306

Facial Beds
Our adjustable Facial Chairs and Facial Beds can be positioned from slight incline to a completely upright position to make spa facial treatments easier in any size salon. Fully upholstered and cushioned, the Adjustable backrest and footrest provide maximum client comfort. Some offer face cutout with pillow insert. Call today for price and availability. 1._800._635._3772

  • Facial Bed - AR-203325

  • Facial Bed - AR-203339-B

  • Facial Bed - PR-3965

  • Facial Bed - PR-3980

  • Facial Bed - PR-3992

  • Facial Bed - PR-M21

Skin Care Equipment
When planning a full service beauty salon you will want to have the best skin care equipment available. That's why Veeco distributes the industry's finest spa equipment and facial machines. Choose from galvanic facial equipment, facial steamers, rotary brush facial equipment, and vacuum and spray facial equipment, as well as numerous trolleys and carts, all designed to help your complete your full service salon or spa.

  • Skin Care Equipment - AR-TP-205

  • Skin Care Equipment - AR-TP-16008

  • Skin Care Equipment - PR-101

  • Skin Care Equipment - PR-P-1

  • Skin Care Equipment - PR-2000

  • Skin Care Equipment - PR-7000

  • Skin Care Equipment - PR-8000

  • Skin Care Equipment - PR-303-T

  • Skin Care Equipment - PR-202

  • Skin Care Equipment - PR-PC81

Parts + Fixtures
Veeco carries replacement parts for most of its products. Below is a list of the current salon equipment parts available. Whether you're looking for a shampoo bowl, shampoo bowl faucets or any other equipment, check here first! If you do not see a part listed, please check the age of your product. Parts for products over five years old may no longer be available.

  • Base Parts - AR-D-Star-Base

  • Base Parts - AR-SB-SP

  • Base Parts - AR-RHB-LP

  • Base Parts - IM-Impulse-II

  • Base Parts - AR-BP

  • Base Parts - 100-0008-001

  • Base Parts - AR-B-BASEPLATE

  • Base Parts - AR-B-Rubber Ring

  • Chair Parts - AR-Parallel-Butterfly

  • Chair Parts - AR-Tapered-Butterfly

  • Chair Parts - AR-PARALLEL-Rubber

  • Chair Parts - AR-TAPERED-Rubber

  • Chair Parts - AR-RDTB-LEGREST

  • Dryer Parts - 110-0880-0174

  • Dryer Parts - 110-0880-030

  • Dryer Parts - 110-0880-031

  • Dryer Parts - 110-0880-032

  • Dryer Parts - 110-0880-1101

  • Dryer Parts - 110-0880-1140

  • Dryer Parts - 110-0880-2150

  • Shampoo Bowl Parts - AR-550-Faucet

  • Shampoo Bowl Parts - 120-4000-SFVB

  • Shampoo Bowl Parts - 120-1500-366

  • Shampoo Bowl Parts - 120-1729-000

  • Shampoo Bowl Parts - 120-1731-000

  • Shampoo Bowl Parts - 120-1735-000-1

  • Shampoo Bowl Parts - Grey Hair Trap

  • Manicure Pad - 20-0018-000

  • Child's Booster Seat

  • Nail Polish Rack - 18-P

  • Gel Neck Rest - NRST


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Open Monday – Friday  8:30AM – 5:00PM CST Design Appointments requested.

Veeco Builds Your Salon and Cosmetology Furniture One Step At A Time! Whether you are planning to purchase salon chairs, spa furniture, shampoo furniture, manicure or pedicure furniture or any other beauty salon furniture, you will be impressed with Veeco's integrated factory and showroom that allows orders, design services, and manufacturing to be effectively monitored from beginning to end. Whether you need a complete installation and design or want to add salon or spa furniture to your existing facility, the Veeco team is known throughout the beauty industry as "Simply the Best"!

Veeco Salon Furniture + Designs welcome inquiries from interior designers and architects.  We will be happy to work with you and your client.

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