Phoenix All Purpose Styling Chair on Star Base - PH-5302-D

pinterest-logo.pngThe Veeco PH-5302-D Phoenix All-Purpose Styling Chair on Star Base features classic style while offering your customers maximum comfort.Our all-purpose mechanism allows the seat back to be lowered, stopped and locked in an infinite number of positions. This classic chair has contemporary curves with a wider,deeper seat/back.

All Purpose Styling Chair Product Featuresamerican flag.jpg

  • See matching styling chair (model PH-5301)
  • See matching dryer chair (model PH-5300-880)
  • Available with parallel or tapered leg rest with butterfly or black rubber foot rest
  • Available in various vinyl choices
  • Model PH-5302-B (round base)
  • Model PH-5302-D (star base)
  • Five year warranty on hydraulic pump
  • Made in the U.S.A.

All Purpose Styling Chair Product Dimensions

  • Seat Height: 23" Low Position (LP) - 30" High Position (HP)
  • Seat Size: 19.5" Seat Width (SW) x 19" Seat Height (SH)
  • Dimensions: 23" Width (W) x 24" Depth (D) x 33.5" Height (H)
  • Height In Low Position

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