Pedicure Spa Chair - Vantage Plus

pinterest-logo.png The Vantage Plus – Rolling and kneading massage, manual 4-way seat, pipeless spa chair you want at the price you have been waiting for. We invite you to compare, no other pedicure spa offers the design and quality of the Vantage.

Add to this, Continuum’s industry leading customer support and “no-hassle” warranties and the result is the best value in the pedicure chair industry. Experience the Continuum advantage and see why more and more salons are switching to the pedicure spa with the highest customer satisfaction, the Vantage from Continuum.

Contoured Footrests & Adjustable Leg Support
No more tired and sore arms from holding the client’s leg! The Vantage’s height adjustable leg support provides total comfort for the client and technician. If you are massaging the calf, working on the heel or painting toenails, the foot pads position feet perfectly throughout the entire pedicure.

Pipe-less Jet System
Easy clean, sanitary and whisper quiet. Clients enjoy an invigorating massage by a powerful dual stream NoPipe™ jet that’s exceptionally easy to clean and sanitize. Continuum’s pipe-less system eliminates internal pipes, the breeding ground for bacteria. By simply removing the jet cover all surfaces touched by water are reachable for easy cleaning. This American made jet is installed in a durable and chemical resistant basin with a river stone textured bottom for added comfort and sensation.

Chair Message
Vantage Plus: Full Shiatsu massage (rolling, kneading and tapping).

Swing Up and Down Armrests
Right and left armrest pivot upward ensuring clients of any size and age can safely and easily get into and out of the Echo pedicure chair.

The Vantage is NOT an imported pedicure chair. It was designed, engineered and is manufactured in the United States of America. All major components are produced in the Midwest resulting in superior quality control, leading to far less problems and increased longevity. Talk is cheap and so are many of our competitor’s chairs. When you purchase the Vantage by Continuum you’re assured of a high quality pedicure chair built to last.

No Hassle Warranty
Unlike competitor’s “Exception after Exception” or expensive extended warranties, Continuum offers a simple and easy to understand “No Nonsense” warranty that covers parts and labor for one (1) year.

This convenient feature automatically stops filling the basin once the proper water level is reached. This greatly reduces the chance of overflow and allows the technician to continue working while the pedicure spa fills with water.

Manicure Trays
Black laminate manicure trays are acetone resistant with an integrated cup holder on the right tray. Available as an option on the Vantage only, manicure trays are standard on the Vantage Plus.

Full Side Panels
Side panels may be required to conceal existing plumbing that is visible outside of the standard curved panels. Available on Vantage and Vantage Plus pedicure spas.

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